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With the experience acquired over the years and our know-how in the world of general transport, we have built a solid family business at all levels. Paul-Henri was far from suspecting that his descendants would make the transport company he founded one of the Canadian leaders in transport. Today, his legacy and family values are still very much alive. Attention to detail and the determination to satisfy customers still inspire and guide each of our actions.

Now, PHT stands out for the exceptional quality of its service, for its extensive experience in the field of general transport, for the competence and dynamism of its team, for its professionalism as well as for the quality and diversity of its clientele.

Recognized for over 40 years, we know how to adapt to change and we stand out for the exceptional quality of our service. In addition, we have been able to develop our business by remaining faithful to our corporate values as well as our personal objectives. We have always maintained the commercial vocation of our company and, thanks to all the small and big challenges that we have overcome over all these years, we have solid experience and an unblemished reputation to offer our customers.

At PHT, family values, professionalism, achieving our objectives and above all the satisfaction of our customers are priorities that are close to our hearts!

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